Utility of books

Ah yes, apologies for the post spamming. (I will try to minimise maximum number of posts to 3 per day, I understand that is the acceptable limit to most people)

If I were to break down utility into multiple categories that may become easier to handle. I.e food, books, furniture etc. Each category itself will have a separate metrics to follow in order to tabulate a final utility score.

I am an avid reader of books and I think I will start with that first, since most of my pay goes into killing trees (not proud of it, but hey, everyone has a vice)

For books, I think it may be further broken down into two categories, fiction and non fiction (duh!)

So for fiction, it must be able to generate new ideas, and bring about a deeper philosophical understanding (yes sounds ridiculous for now, will figure out how to measure this)

Non fiction on the other hand would be a lot simpler. Usefulness, ideas generated and time taken (so this would be correlated to pages to determine if the book were truly enjoyable. This would make sense. Time taken divided by number of pages. In essence, the rate of reading would equate to how much you enjoy the book objectively. Even if one were busy on a given time, if it were really that good, there would still be less time spent reading it as compared to ploughing through textbooks.)


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